Friday, August 26, 2011

Corn Wagon Quilt Company

Summer is over and the children are back in school and that means more time to quilt and stitch. At Cornwagon Quilt Co. we have been upgrading our stitching department and expanding our wool department. Some of you might not know that we have an expert wool dyer on staff, Marianne Michaels, and she is constantly amazing us with the beautiful hand dyed wool she brings into the shop. We also have a bin of small hand dyed wool pieces that are perfect for when you only need a little piece of wool.
She has also taken over the stitchery department and it is so fun to come to work and see all the new stitchery patterns. She has also put quite a few of the older patterns on sale for 50% off. Stitchery is a great project to take along while you are watching children's sporting events or waiting in the car for school to get out.
We have also added some fun fabrics that can be used for clothing. You will also find new patterns to do with these fabrics.
We are also adding new fabrics and patterns to our general collection on a daily basis.
We are looking forward to seeing you here at Corn Wagon Quilt Co. and be sure to check out all the new things and take advantage of those stitchery patterns that are on sale.

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