Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shop Spotlight: My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe

Hello Fellow Shop Hoppers!
My name is Kris and I am the lucky owner of a brand-new quilt shop located in Logan, Utah.  In June we will be celebrating our 1st birthday! Everyone at our shop is very excited to meet you at the Wasatch Front Shop Hop. Here are a few photos of what I call my “2nd home!” ha, ha

We like to say that, “The Road to a Quilt Shop is Never Long.” I’m sure each one of you would agree that traveling the shop hop is one of the most fun experiences a quilter can have! I promise we’ll make it worth your while to come to Logan!

We carry a good mix of both modern and traditional fabrics from designers and companies such as French General, Joel Dewberry, Three Sisters, Joanna Figaroua, Amy Butler, Sandi Hendersen, Lori Holt, Riley Blake, Nancy Halvorson, Ty Pennington, Michael Miller, Bonnie & Camille, Kansas Troubles, Basic Grey, Jo Morton, Anna Griffin and many, many more! We’re also excited to have expanded our offerings to batiks and wools!

One of the reasons why moms and grandmas enjoy shopping here is because of our children’s corner! And yes, that is a REAL tree! (Covered with fabric of course!) Now you can shop in peace knowing that the lil’ ones are having a lot of fun themselves!

We're also thrilled to announce the newest expansion to our shoppe... My Girlfriend's Attic! Head upstairs and awaiting will be a spacious, 2000 square-foot vintage-style retreat/event center. Filled with antiques of all kinds, we hope this will become a destination spot for you and your girlfriends to enjoy a day of sewing and fun. Equipped with 2 over-sized cutting tables, round tables, ironing stations, design walls, couches and even a kitchen, you're sure to find everything you need for a productive and memorable day!

I hope this helps give you a better idea of what our shop is all about! We are so excited to be in it this year with so many incredible shops to see! We hope you’ll come see us here in Logan, Utah! It will be a beautiful drive this time of year!

Our shoppe's chosen theme for "Those Were the Days" is...


And don't you agree that EVERY 
quilter needs an Alice??? ;)

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My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe is located at:

1115 North 200 East
Logan, UT 84341



  1. I've never done the shop hop before, but really hoping to get in on it this year. It sounds so fun! And of course I LOVE My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe in Logan - it will be a great place to start!

  2. I'm a follower and I love My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe! I'm so happy they are part of the shop hop this year.

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  4. I am new to quilting this year. My mom and sister got me hooked on the mystery quilts at my Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe!I love the shoppe,the staff is so helpful. I am excited about the shop hop coming up.

  5. Just bought a really fun toy from my Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe!

  6. I am excited for my first Shop Hop. It is absolutely well worth the drive to Logan. I love my Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe!

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